Dear Art friend,


Welcome on my new website. Galeria de Arte is a young art gallery in the south of Germany which specialized in ceramics and sculptures.


Galeria de Arte is the onliest gallery in Europe which exhibits the extraordinary art of Paquime pottery. Worldclass handcrafted pottery based on the pre-Colombian ceramics of the ancient culture of Paquime in the north of Mexico.


Galeria de Arte is also exclusively presenting the exceptionally art of Zapotec wood sculptures. Worldclass handcrafted wood carvings based on the Zapotec civilization in southern Mexico.  


It is my personal objective to bring these new art movements overseas. I feel priviliged and excited to give you the opportunity to discover this new art movement together with me and I invite you to visit the Galeria de Arte in Nesselwang. In this idyllic resort in the Alpes in Bavaria you can watch the extraordinary art of Paquime pottery and Zapotec wood sculptures in all its different and elegant shapes, dynamic and detailled designs and strong colors, yourself.


See you in Nesselwang,


Drs.-Ing Patrick GEURTS

Galeria de Arte



Shared values: 


1. 100% Mexican

2. 100% Handcrafted

3. 100% Natural Produkt

4. One-of-a-Kind-Piece

5. Signed